About us

Deutschland Forster Auf is a German NGO with many years of experience in organising tree planting events. On www.deutschland-forstet-auf.de the NGO offers a platform, that connects people, who want to do something against forest dieback and for local environmental and climate protection. Its vision is to create healthy forests throughout Germany, together with a huge community of volunteers. Thousands of volunteer helpers have been activated for the different tree growing activities all over Germany. As a result, 135.000 trees have been planted so far. The organisation does not believe that one can offset fossil fuel emissions with tree planting and therefore is not involved with any carbon credit businesses. You can read more about us here.

The project Kids4Forests is spearheaded by four women all dedicated to nature-based education and reforestation. Their various projects are described under Past and Ongoing Tree Activities. The project is currently looking for funding sources.